What is the portion control diet?

Why you need the portion control diet



Why Colon Cleanse Before You diet?

  What a colon cleanse is design to do is clean the extra-added waste out of your colon.  You see your colon can store upwards to 70 pounds of waste in your system.   These are pounds that add or subtract from your over all weight. So when you colon cleanse prior to starting your diet you start at a weight closer to zero. 

( Example:  If you are ten pound overweight and you go on a diet any diet your goal will be to lose ten pounds, but you decide to colon cleanse and over the course of five days you remove seven pounds of waste.  Your new goal would be just three pounds.  Plus you have removed something that is harmful to you, plus you will get regular and pass the waste daily.  This would keep the waste from compacting inside of you.) 

  Now add a good diet to this, almost any diet and your sure to get good results and quickly.  A diet is like a sport, if you get your body ready it functions with the maximum efficiency.  Now if you do not warm up and get your body ready, you may hurt yourself. That is why you can’t run a couple of miles if it’s your first time running in ten years.


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Get Your FREE Copy of the Pcdiet e-book  and lose that unwanted weight that you have been carrying like a badge of honor.  You don't have to be overweight, scientist have found that most weight gain is a germ, that can be overcome with the proper diet.  But the first step in any diet is learning how to control  how much you eat.

You see it not totally what you eat, It's more like how much of it you eat in most cases people are over weight because that just flat out eat to much.  Now don't get me wrong because you don't have to starve.  But if you over eat you will get fat.  It may not be now but it will happen.



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